Beyond The Hat

by RedOak

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released October 8, 2009

Daniel Vulikh - Vocals
Shemer Steinlauf - Bass
Tako - Vocals
Ron Or-El - Guitars, Synths and Sound Design

Produced by RedOak

Recorded at dB Studios and Kaoss Studios, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Engineered by Ron Or-El

Mixed by Ron Or-El
Mastered by Phillipe Chambine

All lyrics by Daniel Vulikh
Except 'Reasons' by Yonathan Birenbaum

All music by RedOak
Except 'Reasons' by RedOak and Yonathan Birenbaum

The album is dedicated to the man who brought us all together, DJ Idan 'Eggi' Ginat.

Keep on Rockin'!



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RedOak Tel Aviv

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Track Name: Reasons
Yeah I have my reasons
It would be a lie to say that you won’t understand
This time is gone and I won’t cry for it
But will you do it all again?

A lie can last forever
It doesn’t care that one has lost his way
And all those years of healed regrets
This open wound is here to stay

And I wonder what if feels like
Waking up without that bitter taste of loss
Run through my chest
Slowly forgetting my reasons
All those dreams are meant for those
Who never walked my way

Now you’re getting smaller
Now I’m fading life through glass again
Now my mind is clearer
Now I know it’s all the same

My guilt is my own shadow
My guilt is why I’m this way
Drinking from the fountain and seeing myself
Guess it’s time to walk again
Track Name: Keith
Same as before, mine is the flaw
Being a slave comes easy to those
Who don't play the games and don't keep a score
Just waiting for someone to wash on their shore

And you've seen the top,
But you've lost it all
The higher you fly the more hurt
Those who cushion your fall

But I've been afraid to stay on my own
And I've seen the pain that you could have sown
And I've been through grief and I've been through scorn
But I ain't giving in to you anymore

And you've seen the top,
But you've lost it all
The higher you fly the more hurt
Those who cushion your fall

As it flows
Away from you

This time desire failed you...
Track Name: Wasted Gesture
Like a force of nature
Unstoppable and blind
I’d tear myself open
If it helped me open up

To you, but then again…

All I see
All this seems to be
It’s just a wasted gesture
Another wasted gesture
There’s no one here to see this
There’s no one here but me

And you say
Not here to play
You better stop pretending
That you’d go all the way

But who are you?
Could you be true?
Did I just raise you up?
Could I have made you up?

How could you be all this and still not see?

Cause all I see
All this seems to be
Just a wasted gesture
Another wasted gesture

All I see
All this is
A broken useless gesture
A torn one-sided gesture
There’s no one here to see this
No one here but me
Track Name: Just Go
We’ve all been here before
And this scenario is getting rather old
It doesn’t really matter that you’re sorry
It doesn’t really make it right at all

It’s not as if you ever truly cared
No point acting like it matters now
You’ve played your selfish card one time too many
Now did you think that you’d never run out?

I do believe you when you say
That you never meant to hurt
I do believe you when you tell me
How you know that it’s your fault

I know you might have had your reasons
I might have done the same if I were you
But all this said and done if I forgive you
I know I will go through all this anew

It’s not about anger anymore
I think it’s time we put this thing to rest
My feelings never changed and never will
But now at last I know what to expect
And yeah, I do thank you
For being a part of my life for so long
But there’s nothing here left to fight for
So please, please just go

All I can say
Don’t want to make
The same mistakes
Over and over

And all that’s left
Is to walk away
Watch as I run
Further and further
From you

Further and further
Just go
Track Name: Push
Something’s gotta
Something ought to give
If I don’t move this forward
It might push me down again

Running in circles
Drifting without aim
If I don’t find direction soon
I just might lose myself again

And I know

This shouldn’t be as complicated
As I make it seem
But my inertia is spent
And I’m lacking anything

To push me on
To fill my sales
To catapult me
Into the stratosphere

Cause this facet of reality
Is getting tiresome indeed
In fact I am considering
Moving somewhere with less
Restrictions on dreaming

Cause something’s gotta give
Or I’ll rewrite this faulty storyline
Something ought to move already
Whether it’s inside or outside
Something’s gotta