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released December 10, 2013



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RedOak Tel Aviv

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Track Name: Believe
I believe in my neighbor
I believe in my neighbor's hate for me
It's so easy to see

I believe in my leaders
I believe they are blind with pride and greed
Blind to where this will lead

I believe in my people
I believe they forgot all that came before
Too exhausted to learn or let go

I believe in my country
I believe that it's killing my way of life
Failing where I should thrive

I believe in redemption
I believe that it’s far away
But we’re stuck in today

I believed in emotion
I believed that“all we need is love”
But it's never enough

Brother watch me till I'm gone
Pay the tax or move along

I believe in myself
Track Name: The End
Burning the sand
You still pretend
That you are my friend

Stripped to the bone
Writing in stone
Anger as song

Buried in mud
Now comes the flood
Oil and blood

Forgot to blame 
Broken and lame
Sick of their game

Pacing the cage
Shaking with rage
Turning a page

Fight now to choose
Something to lose
Time to refuse

Listen, this is the end
This time we take a stand
Calling for you

Nothing to lose, no way to gain
Calling for you

Wash your hands and go to sleep
Never paid a price too steep
Never thought a thought too deep 
Never led a life too cheap
Track Name: Dogs of Tears
She's the sole survivor
Of all the battles that we fought
She's a lonely island
In a sea of concrete souls
This is the hope she could hold on to
If it wasn’t torn away
These are the dreams she could have followed
If she weren’t so afraid

So as she sits there on the cold steps
That have seen it all before
The tears are running freely now
And from her very core
It boils up slowly from inside
But then becomes so loud
As if a hundred dogs have come
To join her in a howl

To drown it all out
To tear it all down
To scream till everything is ruined
And buried in the ground

So as she and her dogs of tears
Look into each other’s eyes
And for the first time what she faces
Is incapable of lying

She is one with the cold steps
That have seen it all before
Her tears have drowned the island
In the sea of concrete souls

She knows that she can rest now
There is nothing to cry for
She’ll never be alone again
Cause nothing matters anymore
She traded in her hopes and dreams
So we could have our peace of mind
And now we’ll always be content
But we will never be alive
Track Name: Rain
I had go to out to the rain without you

I had to move on with my life your laugh

Lost, with the power you gave me

First time being used

You gave me the wisdom,

grant the strength to change the world.

And now you’re gone

Your soul still lives in me

And I will grow

through the love you gave to me.
Track Name: Imperfect
Can you see through my lies?
Do you really care?
Could I guess what you feel?
Would I really dare?

Did I lie?
Don't cry
It's just a misperception
Why try?
Can't hide
The imperfection

Would you lay by my side,
Cleansing my mind hollow?
If I run off and hide,
Would you try to follow?

Don't mind
One more time
It's natural selection
You decide
What to find

And all the pretty things seem perfect from a far
But from up close you see the cracks and through'em
You couldn't really fool'em
Couldn’t really fool’em

Will you soon be my bride
Solitude my lover?
Soft embrace last delight
Truth you won't discover
Track Name: Turncoat
You talk a big talk on your brand new cellphone
About the Man and how he took your right to choose
Just keep thinking that you are a part of the solution
So proud of your reflection – looking great in those designer shoes

Self righteous rants make you look good and aware
Your cables got a channel just for people like you
And now it's even easier to preach between commercials
Convincing everyone that there's nothing they can do

I'm sure your bleeding heart will find its way to a rally
You bought a faster car so you could never be late
A good deal, you got the value for your dollar
Now rest, you'll need the strength to find something new to hate

Consume my dear
There's always time to sign another deal
Consume my friend
Just go ahead and buy yourself another meal
Track Name: Keith
Same as before, mine is the flaw
Being a slave comes easy to those
Who don't play the games and don't keep a score
Just waiting for someone to wash on their shore

And you've seen the top,
But you've lost it all
The higher you fly the more hurt
Those who cushion your fall

But I've been afraid to stay on my own
And I've seen the pain that you could have sown
And I've been through grief and I've been through scorn
But I ain't giving in to you anymore

And you've seen the top,
But you've lost it all
The higher you fly the more hurt
Those who cushion your fall

Now watch from afar

As it flows
Away from you

This time desire failed you...
Track Name: Balance
My knees are aching
Cause I've been trying oh so hard
To get a better picture
I end up watching from below

My back is broken
Cause I've been bending it so low
To make you somewhat taller
I think you stepped right on my face

I know
My own fault
Shouldn't walk around
With my eyes closed
Shouldn’t try to speak
With my mouth shut
Should’ve learned
When to duck

Something’s bound to hit ya…

My teeth are shattered
Cause I've been grinding'em so hard
To keep from screaming out
It seems now all that I can do

My mind is twisted
Cause I’ve been bending it around
This state of separation
All that I’m left with is a waste

(And yet)
You never know
The balance ever shifting
And he who watches from below
Could be tomorrow's king
Another day
Could bring a change in power
That should've never had a place
Between two human beings

(And anyway) It's not enough
It's never gonna be enough
So learn to compromise
Or just fuckin' let it die!

My eyes are open
All else is broken
But my eyes are open
Track Name: The Witness
We can't ignore all that's damaged around us
But we cannot put every shard in its place
This damaged container of crippling knowledge

Cages of sand self-imposed silence caters
Trying to keep down what it cannot explain
This worn out shield that will not protect itself
This mind is cracking up
This self is cracking up
This man is cracking up

Pray for the prey, for the helpless, the gone
No mercy today for the witness alone
This torn bleeding vessel is its own worst enemy
A favorite clot in a vein made of stone

This mind is cracking up
This self is cracking up
This man is cracking up
Track Name: Prevail
Away, I run
Only to find that nothing had changed
Only to find that all that you know
Sickens instead of giving you strength

The more we know, the more we forget
Illusions portraying our love as a feint
Delusions of power lead to this hate
The lies are feeding the ignorant saints

Forced to sell our weight in gold
Or iron for that matter
A garage sale to the highest bidder
Enslaved to madness till the price hits Bitter.

So far as we go, the man that's behind will prosper until the last of all crimes
The scheme will unveil and love will prevail
And we’ll rediscover the truth that has failed.